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ADASTRO works with businesses to undertake significant corporate transformation projects. We help thriving organizations attain the next level of growth. We also help distressed organizations in turnaround situations.

We work with clients that want to transcend the ordinary and become something truly extraordinary.

Our name literally means "rising to the stars," because we take your business to a higher level—allowing your organization to position itself for success in a dynamic world.

Our process lays out and implements a road map that will allow your organization to fulfill its potential for growth five, ten and fifteen years down the line. We offer our clients extensive multidisciplinary skills in technology, marketing and entrepreneurship. Our expertise in managing change helps shape a more profitable future for your organization.

This web site provides insight into how we add value to your organization, it describes the story behind our approach, and it explains our "Business IS Rocket Science" philosophy to creating value—one that combines the rigor of process management and attention to detail with the bold creativity required to break the envelope and become a true innovator.


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